Relational Database Migration Services

Let Bull help you migrate from expensive proprietary relational databases to PostgreSQL - the world's most advanced open source database. Our customers save money and open enterprise data to cloud and virtualized environments by migrating from:

Expensive proprietary relational databases such as Oracle

If you seek relief from high license and support fees for your relational database technology, Bull can migrate your databases to PostgreSQL – the award-winning open source database technology with features, reliability and performance that meet or exceed those in any expensive proprietary relational database.

Stored procedures tied to an Oracle database

Bull will translate your stored procedures written in Oracle's proprietary PL/SQL language to PostgreSQL's open PL/pgSQL language. We can also make other changes using standard SQL features where needed.

Our powerful translation tool makes converting Oracle databases that you thought you were locked into now completely doable. It helps to move you from proprietary languages to open source languages and to standard SQL.

We are Relational Database Migration Experts

Bull has a long history in database technologies with proprietary relational database migrations and a number of Oracle migrations to PostgreSQL. We have a record of success meeting the demands of blue-chip customers that have both high performance and availability requirements with the unbeatable combination of PostgreSQL functionality and our database migration expertise.

Bull supports our customers with the expertise, services and tools to migrate their proprietary relational databases and stored procedures keeping them secure in the knowledge we will preserve 100 percent of their enterprise data and business logic.

This includes:

At Bull we take pride in our people and their ability to serve your relational database migration requirements. Bull can help you move to modern, relational database technology – and save money in the process. We have extensive database migration experience and a methodology for success. Please contact us to learn more about our data migration services and PostgreSQL offerings.

For more information call 1-800-233-2855.